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The Couffo Collaborative

Community | Equity | Prosperity


Our Vision: That every one of the Aja people can realize his or her own potential, live and work productively, be able to fully provide for the needs of their families, and contribute to the growth and well-being of their community and the entire Couffo region of Benin, West Africa.

How We Collaborate 

We are working together with the people of the Couffo Region towards the improvement of Community Well-Being so that everyone and every family can live and thrive. 


Aja families are large and closely connected within their community. A small increase in one family’s economic security can positively affect other families, and in turn the community. An increase in a community’s equity improves the lives of everyone in it. 

We are working towards the improvement of Community Well-Being for the Couffo region. The Aja people know and recognize the conditions that are essential for themselves, their families, and their communities to flourish. Whether social, cultural, economic, environmental, or in any other area of daily life, it is the goal of The Couffo Collaborative to support and work alongside the people of Benin to achieve these goals.

We work to increase the availability of and access to education, health care, and economic stability by:

  • Supporting and assisting programs for women’s entrepreneurship and mentoring.

  • Providing school supplies to local schools and students.

  • Facilitating access to local healthcare through a community counseling center.

  • Establishing and supporting the development of local training programs for organic agricultural techniques.

  • Supporting and providing mentoring for programs of local community development organizations.

  • Engaging in any other activities related to increasing access to education, health care, and the economic stability of families and communities.

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