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The Couffo Collaborative

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School Supplies Program 

The Collaborative provides funds to purchase the needed materials for children in school. In Benin, government programs and other international development programs provide tuition funds to assist families so they may send their sons and daughters to school. These programs have increased the number of children attending school in Benin.

However, the ability to purchase or provide the supplies needed for school is still often a burden to families. Things like uniforms, textbooks, book bags, notebooks, pens and pencils must still be provided by families. The Collaborative purchases these supplies locally and distributes them to both primary and secondary school students. This program helps kids stay in school and by improving and increasing the reach of this program families won’t face difficult financial decisions when it comes to sending their children to school.  In 2018 school supplies were provided to 1500 primary school students and in September 2019 to 2600 students in two communities.

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