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The Couffo Collaborative

About the Collaborative



Julien Kankoli

Julien is from the town of Azove in the Couffo Region and has worked with various international NGO’s in the areas of organic agricultural and aquaculture. Julien and James first met in 2001. In 2006, Julien began working as James’ research assistant in Benin and has developed into an excellent field researcher. In 2013 Julien began working with James and Shauna to form The Couffo Collaborative in Benin. Julien oversees day to day operations and communications in Benin and leads in the development of new projects.

Rosaline Affi Batossi

“Affi” lives in the town of Hondjin in the Couffo Region and is a former schoolteacher. Affi worked with James as a research assistant along with Julien in 2009. She has participated in our Women’s Entrepreneurship Program since its beginning and has become an integral leader in that program. Affi assists Julien with field operations and will guide further development and expansion of the Women’s Entrepreneurship Program.

Rosaline Affi Batossi_edited.jpg

Collaborative Field Outreach Team

Our outreach team in Benin is comprised of women and men from all parts of the Couffo Region. They work to raise awareness of our programs and help communities organize and develop ways to improve the well-being of their families. They also identify communities for distribution and lead in the organization of our school supplies program.

Collaborative Outreach Team_edited.jpg


ADESCH (Association pour le Développement Éducatif, Social et Culturel de Hondjin)

ADESCH is a grass-roots community development organization in the town of Hondjin in the Couffo Region. Made up of men and women from the community, they work to improve the lives of the people in their community. James began working with ADESCH in 2007 on public health research, and in 2013 they began working together to start the programs now part of The Couffo Collaborative. Currently ADESCH is working to expand Collaborative programs to other areas of the Couffo. 

The Laboratoire d'anthropologie médicale appliquée (LAMA) at the Université Abomey-Calavi The Couffo Collaborative Scholarship and Research Grant.

A Collaboration with the The Laboratoire d'anthropologie médicale appliquée (LAMA) at the Université Abomey-Calavi in Benin.  Coming Soon!

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